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KiKi Social App

Description: KiKi is a social marketplace that connects like-minded real people to enjoy nearby experiences. The first network in the world that shortens the virtual time of users and promotes (through rewardings with KiKi Coins) experiences in the real world.

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Joyty reunites like-minded people who want to live their fullest life. 

With this community of digital nomads and aspiring ones, you get to connect online with people from all over the world, people who share the same passion for traveling and meeting others. Ultimately, you get to grow professionally and personally with the help of monthly workshops, masterminds and many more events for the community members. 

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Rise Remotely

Rise Remotely is created to change remote work by making remote work more
accessible to everybody. We knew that we needed to address every hyper-specific stage on the journey of remote work success to be able to drastically change remote work.

With Rise Remotely, you can browse an e-commerce store run of online education to help you work better remotely and get started working online. With 15+ experienced mentors, certified coaches, course creators, and contributors from over three different continents we offer you 40+ different paid and free resources offering online 1:1 coaching and mentoring, traditional online courses, live sessions, training programs, and downloadable e-books to help you at ever every hyper specific stage on the journey to remote work success

Use our promo code, JUSTMOVE, to get a 15% off in all their courses and resources for rising remotely together.

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Remotto mission is to help you live happier and be more productive as a remote worker. Follow us for simple tips to improve your remote workdays, be part of a vibrantcommunity and get the best products (soon!) for the future of work.

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Forget the Office

Forget the Office is a project aimed at helping those who want to live differently by starting an online business (or leverage the one they already have) do so in the easiest and fastest way possible. Through business training and coaching, you get all the resources you need in order to thrive in the online space, build all the right foundations and implement marketing strategies for your online business, and leave behind corporate life.

Founder Mercè Maresma transitioned from being a corporate lawyer to becoming a digital marketing specialist, business coach, and digital nomad with location independence. She has a Digital Marketing Masters and experience in a variety of online businesses, as well as Business School studies of 3 years and experience as a corporate lawyer. She gives you all the tools and support necessary to make the best choices for getting your online business off the ground in 4 months, as well as helps those who don’t know what they want to do yet find their purposeful niche in the online space. Check out to learn how to work with Forget the Office.

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