Our job, family or friends are some of the main factors that affect our happiness, motivation and willingness to grow and wake up every day. As far as we are concerned, you cannot be happy and feel inspired unless you feel good with the closest elements of life, such as having a job that allows you to be relatively free and express your creativity, enjoying enough time with your family or to feel understood and supported by your closest friends.

However, if we have a look at the past, this is not something new as Maslow already told us how crucial is to cover our main needs and how important is to establish an order of preferences and relevance as he did with his famous Pyramid. Moreover, he also grouped them within different categories, such as physiological, social or self-fulfilment, and as we might agree, all these facts are aspects which we should consider when making important decisions in our lives.

Nevertheless, Maslow did not consider how important is to choose the right location as a real need in our lives. Depending on where you decide to live your lifestyle, traditions even your behaviour will be influenced. Choosing where to live and thinking about the living conditions and features will radically determine how you and your success will be, as we want to go beyond and focus on how working from the right location is the definite reason for achieving the maximum level of motivation and productivity.

If you think about it, the afterwork at Gran Canaria in January may seem a bit nicer than that of Berlin or Copenhagen, where at 4pm is already dark and snow is everywhere you go. Thankfully, technologies and new trends at workplace allow us to move, be free and work remotely from wherever we want. Thus, making decisions that allow you to choose the city where to live in will deeply shape your standard of living and quality of life, which is more important than any other concern.