On March 14, 2020, they presented us with these terms, teleworking, online teaching … we could get an idea of ​​what they meant, despite the uncertainty of the situation, but
What does telecommuting really mean?

In a few words, and in a colloquial way, work from home. Do the same as you do in the office, but in the solitude of your home.

Apparently, it is a positive thing, right? You don’t eat the traffic jam to the office, you don’t have to put up with your boss, or the jokes of that pedantic colleague, or make cheap excuses for
those who prefer to have coffee alone …

But, how do you avoid ending up doing everything except work? We offer you some tips in case it’s still a bit uphill for you.

1- Establish schedules (and adhere to them). Establish a routine or follow the same routine that when you went to the office, will help to improve the concentration the effectiveness during the

2- Separate leisure from work. Set strict work and leisure times so that they do not intrude between it, we cannot abuse the work, nor the leisure.

3- Have your own space in which to work, and differentiate it from the places where you pass your free time. Associating each space for a different function will also help the mind to differentiate the times.

4- Do not lead a sedentary life. Exercising or moving after work so as not to lose habits and avoid possible health problems.

5- Enjoy the different activities that your city offers you. With the current situation, tourism is being greatly affected, so we have to promote tourism local and national, so enjoying the safe activities that your city offers is a good way to get away from work and separate it from leisure.

Teleworking and online teaching seem to have come to stay, but this advice can be made a little more bearable and does not end up becoming our worst nightmare.