Teleworking is a concept that physicist Jack Nilles invented during the 1970s in United States in order to optimize non-renewable resources. But, of course, this form of work was not carried out in a generalized way due to the lack of development in telecommunications.

However, Jack Nilles’s idea of ​​“bringing the work to the worker, and not the worker to the work, ”made more sense than ever with the emergence of COVID-19 last year.

The World Health Organization stated on March 11, 2020 that the disease is considered a pandemic due to the large number of infected people and deaths in 114 countries, so many of them decided to carry out the total or partial confinement of the population.

One of the solutions proposed by governments to avoid sinking the economy was the teleworking of those trades in which a presence was not strictly necessary to be efficient.

This type of work seems to have come to stay, and it has many benefits, as long as strict working hours are adhered to, for employees who Before, they wasted long hours away from their homes.

Cost reduction

Say goodbye to monthly spending on transportation, at least for work. You will no longer have than commuting every day because your job is in your own home. In addition, the time lost in transportation can be spent on something else that you fancy more. It must also be borne in mind that the benefit is not only personal, but also environmental, reducing pollution.

Balance between personal life and work life
Normally telework is organized in such a way that you must fulfill a series of hours or objectives, which allows the worker to plan and distribute their working hours as better suit you.

Time with your relatives
How many times have you been unable to be with your family because you are working? With this modality and, Therefore, the flexibility of schedules, you can enjoy with your loved ones a higher quality time.

Improved health
The worker will no longer have to eat fast food or after hours, since he is in his house and you will be able to eat a healthier and more balanced diet.